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Material: Any
Color(s): Any
Size: Custom
Price: $25.00  for labels shown
Notes: My quilt labels are individualized to match the quilt. The label may be made by supplying a piece of fabric from the quilt or accepting one of my fabrics for the label.  With many designs to choose from, I am sure to have something that will be pleasing. For more than 1 quilt label, I will frequently give a discount.  Generally, my quilt labels are collaborative events with the quilt maker who tells me what her theme & colors are.  If he or she is local, she often comes to my sewing room with quilt or fabrics and we work together to choose colors and what will appear on the label.  If my buyer is from a distance, I can send them to a web site with embroideries and they can send me photos by e-mail of their quilt and then we brainstorm via e-mail. 

Quilting Label

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