A very unique piece!  The colors in the cubes are graduated with big beads picking up most of the graduations of pinks and greens.  Small glass beads change between different series of colors in this approx 31" necklace that also comes in a 25" size and both with matching earrings.  


Polymer Clay Necklaces are not painted.  They are made by working with the clay to obtain elasticity and then mixing other colors of clay with the original clay.  Next, they are hand-rolled into beads or put in molds with other pieces of other colors added in little bits.  Finally, the clay beads are baked in a special oven.  After baking, they may or may not have a sheen added to them with a glossy product.  Finally they are either strung on a double wire or plastic string on occasion.  Often, I add glass beads to this too.  Otherwise, I attach each bead along with other glass beads frequently to a metal chain.  This whole process is done over a number of days to get what I consider an artistic and unique creation that I hope you will be proud to wear.  Be sure to check out the Christmas necklaces.  They are a good example of molded polymer clay

Green/Pink Graduated Cubes Necklace

SKU: E300