Material: Cotton
Color(s): Deep Pink/ Light Pink
Size: Jumbo/Petite
Price: $55+$40 + 4 Monograms @ $7 ea.
Notes: THIS PURSE CAN BE MADE AGAIN. The Jumbo purse could probably fit a basketball while the petite may fit a grapefruit +. This is part of my Mother/Daughter series with monograms on each. Purses are reversible.I have added $7 into the total for each monogram. Large Purse has a magnetic key chain and 2 Split pocket inside and the same outside with a place for a pen in both places as well. Small purse has 2 pockets on both inside and outside. It is buttoned to close, tucks under the arm for safety from theft and are the workhorses of my line.

Purse Reversible- Mother & Daughter Monogrammed

SKU: Purse2021