Material: Cotton
Color(s): Red/White/Green
Size: Jumbo/Petite
Price: $55/$40 + 2 Embroideries @ $7 ea
Notes: SOLD, FABRICS NOT AVAILABLE BUT SIMILAR LOOK IS POSSIBLE. I LEAVE THESE ON MY WEB SITE TO SHOW YOU THE COST OF MONOGRAMS. . These are Mother/Daughter Purses with embroidered monograms on each. The Jumbo size may fit a basketball while the petite would probably fit a grapefruit. The petite was made for a 5 year old but could probably service up to a 8 or 9 year old before changing to a Standard Size. There is also a Large Size and then a Jumbo offered. These purses have a magnetic key chain, 6 pockets, and a button closure. I made one for myself and found that it tucks under my arm well, although I can carry it easily on my wrist, and takes the weight off my back. I am able to pack a ton of things, including my juice bottle and 2 types of inhalers + the normal other things women carry as the purse has so many pockets. The purse is also reversible to give it even more usage.

Purse -Mother & Daughter-Reversible

SKU: Purse28