Material: Cotton
Color(s): Magenta/Br Pink/Orange
Size: Large
Price: $55
Notes: A Large sized purse fits a volley ball ball approximately. These are the workhorses of my line. This purse has a magnetic key chain, 8 (4 exterior & 4 interiour pockets + a pen pocket on the inside and on the outsdie., and a button closure. I made one for myself and found that it tucks under my arm for safe keeping well although I can carry it easily on my wrist also plus it takes the weight off my back. I am able to pack a ton of things, including my juice bottle and 2 types of inhalers + the normal other things women carry as the purse has so many pockets. The purse is also reversible to give it even more usage.  The colors in the first photo do not show the glorious fabric well.  It has wonderful magenta, orange and a bright pink showing up in the fabric to give it much more interest.  I personally chose this fabric for my own usage. 


SKU: Purse288