Material: Microsuede
Color(s): Navy/w Hot Pink
Size: Jumbo
Price: $60
Notes: ALTHOUGH I PROBABLY WOULD NOT MAKE THIS PARTICULAR PURSE IN MICROSUEDE AGAIN, I LEFT THE PICTURE UP BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL THE MONOGRAM LOOKS. I THINK IT REALLY ADDS A LOT.  i WOULD USE MICROSUED FOR A DIFFERENT LOOKING PURSE HOWEVER.   This was a request made of a reversible purse in a Microsuede. This purse had a magnetic key chain, 6 pockets, and a button closure. I made this style of purse for myself and found that it tucks under my arm well taking the weight off my back, although I can carry it easily on my wrist.  I am able to pack a ton of things, including my juice bottle and 2 types of inhalers + the normal other things women carry as the purse has so many pockets.


SKU: Purse30