Material: Multi Beads
Color(s): Deep Gray +
Size: Glasses Chain -35"
Notes: For a number of years now, my daugher in law, Jennifer, has been gifting me with the most wonderful glasses chains. If I walk out of the house, I am always asked where I got my chain from. Finally, I asked her to make some and put them on my web site so that others could buy what I've been enjoying. These chains are always made from quality materials... no plastic beads. IF you want to be able to convert your chain to a necklace, please add an S hook to your order. ADDED NOTE: For those of you who wear black a lot, this is a glasses chain that is mostly dark grey, yet there are a number of other barely detected colors, besides gray among the small beads (deep blue, amethyst, gold) but barely detectable to add a little interest . This is an understated

Glasses Chain- J3